Crédito Sí is a company with national presence in México. Their core business is money loans for people with low economic resources, which is the majority of people in México. The brief was to communicate in a fun and different way the benefit of having somebody who can help you solve your lack of money issues. The solution was to use a famous TV personality “Arath de la Torre” and to make good use of him as the brand spokesman. Naturally, he is a comic person, so in all of the spot versions he personifies people who encounter themselves in very “cliche” situations in which they need money. The father who wants to throw the best sweet sixteen party for his daughter. The couple who need money for the wedding. Or when you want the typical mexican “mariachi” giving a “serenata” at your mom’s doorstep or just want to give her a gift or a birthday party. All these situations involving money, and the solution which provides the way out, Crédito Sí.


Product: Campaña Institucional Crédito Sí
Client: Crédito Sí
Agency: -1:0:1
Copywriter: Enrique Ruiz
Art Direction: Jorge González/Karina Gómez
Creative Director: Emmanuel Moreau
Producer: Guillermo de la Torre
Production Company: Cine Concepto

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