Types of White Collar Crimes


Types of white collar crimes.

How white collar crime works and the types of white collar crime.
What is white collar crime?
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White collar crime refers to financially motivated nonviolent crime committed by business and government professionals.

Insider trading is the buying or selling a company’s stock while having inside or non-public information. If an employee so much as tells a friend some inside company information and then that friend trades that corporation’s stock, both of them could be Federally indicted.

Securities Fraud: Use of deceit, underhandedness or misrepresentation of a company’s performance that manipulates the market and can result in people making bad investments.

Antitrust Violations: The act of dominating and manipulating a market to such an extent, that it can work above the competitive free market.
This causes a severe disadvantage to the consumer and is considered a monopoly or trust.
Price Fixing: artificially raising prices beyond competitive market value.

Bribery: If someone gives a gift or gratuity to a person with influence in exchange for a favorable decision or abuse of power.
For example, an influential person could agree to accept a kickback for their sharing of knowledge or their complicity in a business deal.

Embezzlement:When a person decides to secretly funnel monies from company for for their own personal use.

Money Laundering consists of dirty money being placed into a bank account of a controlled company. Then that company sends a tire transfer to an offshore bank. The offshore bank loans money to another company,controlled by the perpetrators which then pay the original company using a false invoice.

During the laundering process funds begin to be integrated with purchases of luxury assets, financial investments, commercial and/or investments.

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